Code of Conduct

We want our events to offer a friendly, safe environment for knowledge exchange and networking and will not tolerate any form of behaviour which undermines this.

  • We have a zero tolerance approach to any form of harassment, abuse or discrimination.

  • We do not permit sexual behaviour, language or imagery of any kind.

  • We encourage discussion and robust debate during Q&A sessions, but will not allow sustained disruption, unprofessional comments or personal attacks.

  • We do not permit rogue marketing activities, spamming, hijacking chatrooms or any unauthorised brand promotion that falls outside sponsorship agreements 

Organisers will enforce this code of conduct throughout the event: should you ever witness or be subject to behaviour which falls short of these standards please contact a member of the DIGIT team.

All attendees are required to abide by the code of conduct, and the organiser reserves the right to remove any delegate in breach of this code at their discretion